mouth cancer from smokeless tobacco
Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Quit Dipping Snuff

When you are ready to quit dipping snuff be honest with yourself about the kind of enemy you are up against. Nicotine may very well be the most addictive substance on the planet – and it has its claws in your back. Most people are not able to quit dipping during their first attempt. That is ok. Addiction research shows us that it is normal to attempt a quit more than once. The important thing after you fail a quit attempt is that you strengthen you resolve and get back on track again. Did you learn anything after your failed attempt? Are you resolved that your next attempt will be your last?

Pitfalls of an impending cave

A “cave” is when you give up your quit attempt. Knowledge is power, so make sure you learned something valuable after you find yourself reaching for a can again. Was alcohol involved? Did you cave after several days clean because you had a few too many? What about H.A.L.T.? Where you Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired? Did you find yourself going to get a can after having a fight with a family member/spouse/girlfriend? Have you made up your mind that you will do whatever it takes to succeed? Are you still lying to yourself that “just one” will not hurt? There are hundreds of excuses, of course. Just make sure you are taking note of what truly caused your failure.

Who is in Your Corner

How about support? When you decided to quit dipping did you arm yourself with a team of people who are in your corner? Support from friends and family is obviously a great idea, but have you ever had support from someone else who quit dipping? Getting support from someone who has given up the can brings a whole new level of grit and knowledge to your personal quit. Keep reading and I will introduce you to a team of quitters who want to help you beat this addiction for good.

The Big “C”

Cancer. Damn if that isn’t a scary thought. Ever had a sore in your mouth that didn’t heal as fast as it should? Ever have a lump in your neck? I wonder how many people quit dipping after they have been diagnosed with mouth/throat or stomach cancer. And, after they quit, I wonder what they would give to go back in time and tell a younger version of themselves to suck it up and quit. Go through a little pain when you first quit dipping and spare yourself and your family the pain of watching you go through cancer treatment. Think you CAN’T quit dipping? You are right. Think you CAN quit dipping? You are also right.

Quit Dipping Support